ARTES – Art, Technology and Society – Association intense research, production and dissemination of Art, Culture and Technology aims to promote the direct participation of society in the process of artistic creation. This favors the establishment of a culture of art associated with science and technology, exploring examples of MULTIDISCIPLINARY research projects, activities and technological results that are significant in showing that the boundaries between science, technology and art are blurred to achieve goals that otherwise would be unthinkable.

The city of Granada has an important legacy in the development of knowledge production in fields like science, art and technology since historicaly these areas have been explored as an unique field to explore and impel the state of the art in every discipline.

Connecting such knowledge, pathways are developed in the field of research, education, training and the dissemination of processes and results; the development of events is intended and Projects covering the Research, Development and Dissemination (R+D+D) of artistic material, technological and cultural dissemination.

ARTES is a network of people related to communication research, Fine Arts, Design, Audiovisual, IT Architecture and 3D modelling.

ARTES main purpose is based on the following points:

• Undertake advocacy of contemporary art to present the processes of artistic creation as a basis for establishing a culture of contemporary art in society to promote knowledge, enjoyment and respect for art.
• Facilitate the transfer of processes and results of artistic, scientific and technological research to society. To this end, it seeks to take up the essence of the culture of Al-Andalus where Art, Science and Technology have integrated processes capable of generating new knowledge, recovering an integrated view of all knowledge and human creation to overcome the limits in areas of learning and the arts.
• Promoting the idea of ​​tradition and modernity as concepts that are not only contradictory or exclusive, but on the contrary, benefit and interact with mutual relationships into each other. From this idea, promote contemporary art proposals to resume the traditions and cultural heritage to offer an update of them.
• Support and promote contemporary art proposals that promote multidisciplinary approach to these complex processes that are based on science and technology making closer to the citizen to be applied to contemporary art pieces become.
• Support and promote contemporary art projects that encourage respect for nature, cultural heritage and intercultural understanding through art facilitating the relationship between citizens and nature, technical progress and artistic, technological and cultural creation.
• Development and projection of Contemporary Art, through training and promotion of emerging artists working with new media and encourage the formation of interdisciplinary teams work aimed at the production of artistic projects in New Technologies.
• To promote, disseminate and communicate the artistic, cultural, architectural and natural heritage through contemporary art.
• Support the dissemination of research conducted in the field of art and new technologies, elaborating monographic publications that collect the experiences and activities organized as well as other related research activities or for the purposes of this Association.
• Establish working relationships with officers, public or private, national and international agencies as well as with other similar associations and / or complementary.
• Establish information services, documentation and publications, conferences, courses or events.
• Contribute to the communication and artistic and technology in all media.
Calling and organizing exhibitions, conferences, courses, seminars or any other form of artistic, scientific, technological and cultural activity and participation in initiatives of other organizations that request collaboration.
• Convene prizes, competitions, contests and in general the adoption of initiatives that promote a better quality of disclosure and artistic and technological education.
• Promote and encourage all forms of dissemination, popularization and arts education activities for members of the Association and the public in general.
Encourage and undertake any other action compatible with the aims of the Association.
• Both the Association and its members will work with centers and institutions that share its objectives, such as museums, art galleries, research groups and other centers, institutions or associations of disclosure or artistic and technological education

Website: asociacionartes.com

Contact Person: Javier Arroyo – jarroyoj@gmail.com