Warmest presented at Creatures 2nd Transnational Meeting (Patras, Greece)

Warmest presented at Creatures 2nd Transnational Meeting (Patras, Greece)

The Industrial Systems Institute has participated in the 2nd Transnational Meeting of the Creatures project on January 14, 2021 organized by the Patras Science Park. Creatures deals with the Cultural and Creative Industry potential in the Adriatic Ionian macroregion for the promotion of sustainable and experiential tourism and for the preservation of the area cultural heritage.

In this context, Warmest is presented as a good example of utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the Cultural Heritage domain. The digitalization approach followed by Warmest involves the utilization of Structure for Motion for 3D model reconstruction of cultural heritage monuments. Then, the methodology followed includes semantic annotation for scene understanding, storage for the efficient preservation of features, transmission utilizing high quality compression, and presentation involving low error simplification. AI algorithms built allow semantic prioritization and efficient storage and transmission.

Further to its targeted applications of optimizing maintenance procedures in cultural and natural heritage sites leading to sound and cost-effective maintenance plans, Warmest can have a profound impact in Cultural and Creative Industry through visualization of processed 3D content in AR/VR applications, global project of local artifacts and steering up global interest for international tourists and visitors.

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