Warmest presented at 23rd Development Forum, Patras, Greece

Warmest presented at 23rd Development Forum (Patras, Greece)

The Industrial Systems Institute has successfully organized infoday “Digital Innovation and Smartness” in the framework of the 23rd Development Forum on November 23, 2020. The aim of the infoday is to present a technological holistic approach associated with the digitalization, applicable in different application domains. The approach comprises IoT at the lower level for sensing and actuating, data acquisition and big data analytics at the middle level, and Artificial Intelligence algorithms at the higher level. Different outcomes were presented in the infoday related to the domains of manufacturing, transport, unmanned vehicles and drones, smart agriculture, smart cities, smart energy, data driven policy making, circular economy, and smart applications in the culture / tourism sector.

In this context the Warmest project was presented as an indicative example of digitalization in the culture sector. More specifically the methodology followed by Warmest was presented with reference to the utilization of Structure From Motion (SFM) reconstructed heritage 3D models and the construction of a saliency aware compression and simplification framework for their efficient remote inspection. Extensive environmental study of the framework during Warmest involves two important cultural heritage sites in Alhambra, Granada and Santa Croce, Florence.

The 23rd Development Forum represents an important regional multiconference event organized in the Region of Western Greece and bringing together the local ecosystem for matchmaking and awareness raising.

Warmest presented at 23rd Development Forum

Full video of the forum

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