What is WARMEST?

WARMEST -or loW Altitude Remote sensing for the Monitoring of the state of cultural hEritage Sites: building an inTegrated model for maintenance– is a a H-2020 Marie Curie Research and Innovation Staff Mobility Project (H2020- Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-RISE-2017).

WARMEST project is carried out by an international and multi sectorial consortium. That consortium is formed by more than 30 researchers belonging to 3 academic institutions, 5 private companies and 3 associations from 4 different countries.

In close cooperation with the consortium, 3 heritage sites are involved in the research: Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife (Granada, Spain), Marzamemi Underwater Museum (Sicily, Italy) and Opera Santa Croce (Florence, Italy).

WARMEST strategic goal is to optimize maintenance procedures in cultural and natural heritage sites through the introduction of new technologies to collect data and new tools to analyse it, creating a novel specific Decision Support System. This software will enable to set –on sound economic and technical basis– the most suitable maintenance procedures taking into account current and future scenarios. It will thus greatly help in preparing sound and cost effective maintenance plans, given that maintenance of monuments and sites is a challenging management and engineering activity, due to the large variety of loads (different types of sites and actions), strict regulations (to preserve the natural, archaeological and historical values) to consider, and the continuous operation throughout the year.